About Reviving Identity

This site is intended to be a place where women can come to read and write about every day issues that affect our lives; who we are, who we want to be, and why we always end up somewhere in the middle.


10 thoughts on “About Reviving Identity

  1. LOVE this site! I was clueless it was in existence until I saw your most recent post on FB. I followed it to here and, ka-pow! Amazing! Love what you are doing! I admire your strength and beauty in being real about who you are as a woman and what that means to you. I will be catching up on some reading here! 🙂

  2. I stumbled upon your page after looking up one of my favorite woman of all time, Eleanor R. Thank you for all of your efforts in unifying all women who have made a difference! Amazing!

  3. Hey Krista, I’ve been here before but I wanted you to know that I so appreciate your great compassion and amazing transparency. I read Monday’s entry and loved your honesty. Your courage almost always encourages me (sometimes it intimidates me 🙂 but it always challenges me to be me. You rock.

      1. Hi Evelyn,

        Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. I cannot help you from a distance. If you stop in a local church, they should be able to find someone to help you. You could also try a local community mental health agency; they often have funding if you can’t afford counseling. Best on your journey.

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