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DSC06574I am a Christian Feminist.

I do not use these labels flippantly, but I do use them freely and with purpose. Both “Christian” and “feminist” are labels that come with heavy implication and history, but both are also words of impassioned meaning. I am Christian because I believe that Jesus is God’s son, who has taken the consequences of my sin upon his own broken and bleeding back. I am a feminist because I believe that as a woman I am just as fully made in the image of God and just as fully called to use my God given gifts as any man.

I am passionate about empowering women to be the beautiful, broken, and brave women they were created to be. I am passionate about God’s incredible grace. I am passionate about using my voice. I am passionate about serving the underserved. I am passionate about taking care of our planet. I am passionate about creating intentional community. I am passionate about my crazy loving family and even crazier friends.

I currently work as a mental health therapist for a private practice in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. I live in the Western Suburbs in a small, two bedroom townhouse with my husband- who is both a hunk and a teddy bear- and our super cuddly daughter. I have family mostly nearby and many friends strewn across this continent- and even further around the globe- that I am intentional about keeping in touch and sharing my heart with.

I believe in friends you can laugh and cry with, that nature is healing, that wine is cleansing, that chocolate is necessary, that Northern Michigan is one of the most beautiful places on this Earth- in both summer and winter, and that love is real- but only if you’re willing to receive as well as give it.

I also believe in comments from my fantastic readers- so please share liberally.


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