Dear Eve

Dear Eve,

Happy 6-month…anniversary? birthday?

Well, whatever you call it, congratulations on surviving six whole months on planet Earth.

Can you believe you’ve made it this far already? Do you remember the first time you were out of my tummy? I’m convinced that when we were both startled awake several times during that first night, it was from very similar nightmares regarding the trauma we had both endured during childbirth.

Phew, glad that’s over, aren’t you?

When you were first born, six months seemed so far away. During weeks three through six you were having three hour crying spells every evening, and everyone said “It gets better. Just get to six months.”

And now here we are. But it didn’t take nearly that long for us to enjoy you.

Your coy little smile
Your crazy hair- that has gone from allover thick, to mohawk, to comb-over
Your chubby little thighs
Your adorable cooing
The way you raise your hand in the air as if you have a question while you nurse
Your baby-soft skin
Your big blue eyes with dark lashes
The way you bury your head in my shoulder when meeting someone new
Your inquisitive eyebrows

I could go on.

In the past six months your daddy and I have marveled at how you’ve become a little human.

You’ve learned to hold your head up
To grasp things in your hand (and initially, even that your hands were attached to your body)
To put things in your mouth (we secretly love it when you miss and accidentally hit your forehead)
To suck your toes
To sit up
To rollover (you were a little slow on this one, but according to your dad, everything isn’t a competition)
To laugh

Your daddy and I have loved cuddling you, playing with you, creeping in at night to watch you sleep.

You have made us parents for the first time.
We hope we can love you well.
We thank God every day for you, Eve.
We are so grateful for who you are, and who you are becoming.



2 thoughts on “Dear Eve

  1. This is so precious, Krista –
    I hope you have printed off this wonderful note and put it in your darling little Eve’s baby book (if you have such an old fashioned manipulative! 😉

    (DiAne here, in case you don’t know -I keep looking for the perfect blog site name 😉

    Merry Christmas.

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