A Saturday Morning Moment


I am incredibly proud of myself because I just had “a moment.”

I spend a lot of time working with clients on mindfulness and appreciation. Be IN the moment. Appreciate what’s around you. ACCEPT things the way they are, without judgment.

But how often do I practice these things?

…well that’s not so important, but I did just have a moment!

A moment where I realized how grateful I am.

A moment where I appreciated how loved and blessed I am.

A moment where I stopped what I was doing (this is almost impossible for me) and just sat and felt it.

The house is not as clean as I would like. Eve’s toys glitter our floor as a reminder that things will never be as organized and clutter free as they once were. Dust sits atop our furniture like an unwanted guest who refuses to leave.  Our camping chairs are by the balcony door because I know that if we keep them in the garage it will make it even less likely we’ll actually sit outside at night drinking wine and/or smoking our pipes and/or connecting with each other after Eve is in bed (rare due to the fact that I turn into a zombie after Eve’s nighttime binge feed).

But this Saturday morning I was tuned into things that matter so much more.

Enjoying the fresh cup of pour over coffee Nicholas made for me.

Feeling grateful for a healthy, happy baby.

Anticipating the taste of blueberry muffins and a new Greek omlet/frattata/egg thing I’m trying for the first time.

Getting excited for a visit from a friend and her baby this morning, and a visit to a friend and her family from Grad school this afternoon.

Laughing at book I’m reading about parenting the French way.

I’m in it. In this moment.

It feels good.

Having a baby means these moments are much more rare.

But having a baby also helps me focus on the real things in life. The things that last. The things that matter.


One thought on “A Saturday Morning Moment

  1. I appreciate your joy and thanksgiving of ‘being in the moment’. I find that I can easier appreciate God’s blessings when I am in the moment, but I forget. Thank you for this invaluable reminder.

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