Becoming Mom

Some days I still can’t believe she’s real. 

Deep breath. 

Just three short months ago my life was so different. This little girl is full of so much life and so much happiness and so much beauty…I do not deserve such a wonderful little girl.

Nick must be a saint, because I certainly have done nothing to deserve such a precious gift.

I’m still so unsure how to live up to the giant task that is being Eve’s mom

And I know that none of us deserve any of the blessings God has given us. And I know that I will screw it up. But it just feels like the stakes have never been this high. 

How does life change so quickly and how are we expected to adjust so heroicly?

God guide me. Spirit fill me. Jesus love me.

This is my only hope in surviving parenthood. 


One thought on “Becoming Mom

  1. Hi Krista, I love your “ramblings” about mom-ming. It is an incredible journey. I love that you named your wee one Eve, and who could give you better guidance than the Fellar that made the first Eve.

    I never got the parent love thing that God has for us until I had my own lil Responsibility and Heartbreaker. Thank you for keeping on keeping on.

    (By the way – my right website address is
    I have no idea how it got to be formiler2015 – I suspect it was operator error.
    I keep trying to fix it but ‘operator error is not easily overcome! šŸ˜‰

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