I Love Cuddling and Routine

So, I love cuddling.

As someone who was pretty much single until I was 29 (single as in not even dating, not just not married- I think I dated a total of 6 weeks in the ten years between graduating high school and dating Nick- so not a lot of cuddling happening), I was surprised upon dating and marrying Nick to find cuddling my new favorite pastime.

And I’m beyond blessed to have a hubby who loves cuddling probably as much- maybe even more– than I do.

We have this ridiculous cuddling ritual in the mornings. Nick sets his alarm about 40 minutes before he actually gets up (the man literally gets out of bed a whopping 5-10 minutes before he has to be out the door), and he snoozes about four times.

This is some of our best cuddling time.

The first time it goes off we both scoot close (if we’re not cuddling already) so he can spoon me. The second time it goes off we both roll over and I become the big spoon. The third time he rolls to his back and I drape a leg over his legs and an arm over his chest. The last time we both start groggily talking about how we don’t want to get up, and why can’t we just stay in bed all day anyway?

Okay, I know this sounds like a silly routine, but we love it. It’s “us” time with no distractions (Nick’s not awake enough yet to check ESPN for scores or start reading an article by some dead German Theologian- Literally. Once I asked him what he was reading, and he said “an article by a dead German theologian”).

And lately I have been thinking about how this, among many other, routines will change.

I’m typically not a fan of change.

My parents have told me since I was about 10 years old that I’m too young to be so set in my ways.

Maybe this baby will be just the completely un-controllable, unorganized, unscheduled, unruly creature I need in my life to make me more flexible and grace-filled.

Maybe adjusting to a baby and learning to be flexible will be like running sprints. I hate it while I do it, but it sure feels good afterwards.

And who knows, maybe- just maybe- I’ll enjoy cuddling with my baby too…


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