“Easy” Childbirth

If you’re a woman between the ages of oh, 20 and 40, you are probably aware that gatherings of women often come around at some point to someone sharing her child birthing story.

If you’re my friend, you’re probably also aware that as soon as the conversation heads in that direction I am scanning the room for the nearest exit (even before I was pregnant).

It’s no secret that childbirth terrifies me.

As it should, I’m sure. I mean, the way my twin sister described the aftermath to me was reminiscent of some pretty severe PTSD.

So, it probably comes as no surprise that as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I did what I do with every recipe I google: placed “easy” in front of it.

Easy pumpkin soup.”

Easy stuffed shells.”

Easy pot roast.”

Easy childbirth.”


To my great delight, there were actual suggestions about how to make your childbirthing experience easier.

And I plan to try every one of them.


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