Eating and Pregnancy

You might think that being hungry every 15 minutes with a baby as an excuse to eat constantly sounds awesome. I did too. Before I got pregnant.

It’s not.

I have to eat ALL THE TIME, but no food tastes good. All food sounds repulsive, and eating just feels like a chore.

All these websites are like, “oh, you’ll be hungry all the time, and it’s fine to eat multiple little snacks throughout the day, just be sure they’re healthy fruits and vegetables, etc”. Um, I don’t even feel like eating a cookie- much less peas and carrots!

I usually consider myself somewhat health-conscious. I mean, besides my love affair with carbs, I eat a pretty balanced diet. I stay away from fast foods. I try to have a fruit and/or vegetable at every meal.


Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve eaten fast food like six times (okay, maybe it was only three, but it feels like a lot). And ice cream. I’m eating tons and tons of ice cream (What to Expect When You’re Expecting says I should choose a glass of skim milk over ice cream. Yeah right).

Also, I hate to be the cliche, but there have been two times when Nick did not buy the right food for me and it was almost WWIII:
1- at a baseball game I sent him to get me a pulled pork sandwich or chicken tenders. He came back with a pork chop sandwich. I almost cried.
2- I asked him to get me animal crackers at the store. He came back with “Animals Crackers”- not the traditional kind (they don’t even have an elephant. The elephant’s my favorite). I whined and gave Nick the stink eye, but they said “good source of calcium” on the bag, so I decided I’d at least give them a try since they appeared to be “healthy.” Gross.

I also usually have this thing with food where I do grocery shopping every two weeks, and it is my PRIDE AND JOY when the fridge is empty the day of my next shopping trip- this means I bought the right amount of food, nothing was wasted, and we made good use of it. (It’s also more economical of course). However, when my stomach hurts every 15 minutes that I don’t eat anything, I have to get specific snacks. This means several trips to the store between shopping trips. Not economical. I hate this. I’m sure it’s the first of many ways this baby will change my routine.

Lastly, I never want to eat a saltine cracker again. I eventually learned that small snacks were best- since even if I forced down a whole bowl of yogurt, I would still need to eat again in 15 minutes but would feel strangely full and hungry at the same time.

Saltine crackers are both small and bland, so they help with nausea and hunger. In four weeks I’ve gone through two boxes (with four sleeves each) of these crackers. There are now saltine cracker crumbs in my bed, in my car, and all around my desk at work.

It’s like having the flu- when by the end of it you’re sick of saltine crackers, ginger ale, toast and chicken soup. Except with ‘morning sickness’ you’re eating the same things for weeks instead of days.



Really looking forward to the stages where food tastes good again and I can go back to normal eating.

Oh- and I can’t even eat cookie dough when baking cookies!! It’s like going to The Big House to watch a football game and watching the jumbo-tron instead of the game- you still get the end result, but the experience is totally different.


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