Ultrasound or Ultra-craziness?

Our first ultrasound ever was scheduled for Tuesday, September 2 at 8pm. The weeks leading up to this were CREEPING by as we were dying for evidence that there’s a real life little blob in there with paddles for limbs (as pregnancy blogs were telling me).

I went to work on Tuesday and had two cancellations. Which meant the day lasted for-ever.

But finally I made it home to some delicious tacos the hubs had all ready for dinner.

Then, I followed the hospital’s instructions of drinking FOUR CUPS of water. I had to drink FOUR CUPS of water an hour before the appointment and NOT use the restroom.

Do you know what that’s like for someone who has overactive bladder AND is pregnant?

American Water Torture. That’s what that is.

So we arrive (waddling) to the hospital, and I ask the registration lady if I can use the restroom soon. She says do my best to hold it.

Oh, okay.

The nurse eventually comes and I kindly let her know that I am going to have to use the restroom NOW.

She allows me to do so.

Then we start the ultrasound!

It was pretty adorable- that tiny blob of a baby moving around with it’s little heartbeat flickering. The nurse quickly took measurements and let us listen to the heartbeat for, oh, about two seconds (not exaggerating).

The whole thing from start to finish was only about 5 minutes!

Had I to do it over again, I would have asked her to pause longer so I could watch the baby move more and I would ask to listen to the heartbeat longer.

But I was so concerned that I had to use the restroom again, that I was also a little relieved it was over quickly.

I literally had to use the restroom about every 15 minutes for the next two hours and several times throughout the night.


Besides that, the best part was watching my husband, aka baby daddy, laughing, smiling big and looking stunned as we left the hospital room. I asked him three times if he was okay.

He said he’s just excited.


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