I’m Definitely Pregnant

In my last post the fact that I was pregnant hadn’t fully sunk in.

There was so little evidence.

That has changed.

Yep. That has changed with two plus weeks and counting of morning-more like all-day-and-all-night-sickness. This is the worst thing I have ever experienced physically. It’s like having the flu (though I only threw up once) for WEEKS. My stomach vacillates between queazy, nauseous, and crampy, pain. I don’t feel like eating.

Folks, I LOVE eating. Eating is the HIGHLIGHT of every day- and now I dread it as I choke down healthy (and, let’s be honest, often not-so-healthy) food for this little lentil in my tummy.

I feel tired and sick every day.

Those ladies who think pregnancy is awesome are either way tougher than I, or have an entirely different experience than mine.

The first two days I experienced feeling this sick I told Nick that there was no way this could last for weeks. If I feel this way for weeks, I will DIE. Literally. DIE. – I told him. And then I left for work.

Turns out I’m tougher than I thought.

So, I’m sick, tired as a dog, losing a lot of hair, have to force myself to eat AND we still can’t tell anyone yet! No one at work knows that I am suffering through each day (though I did find out later that my friends at work had figured it out. smart girls).

Okay, so I tend to be dramatic at times.

You might even sense a little bitterness.

Yes and yes.

So I’m counting down the days to trimester two, when most women’s morning sickness goes away.


And this is probably the part where I’m supposed to say it’s all worth it because of this beautiful little baby growing inside of me…

Ask me again in four weeks;)



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