I’m Pregnant?

Today is day six since I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to write starting day one, but I guess I was a little intimidated. Maybe afraid?

I haven’t had my first doctor’s appointment, so the only proof I have that I’m pregnant is a missed cycle, over-the-counter pregnancy test, and sore breasts.

I took the test on a Friday morning and immediately googled creative ways to tell your husband. I didn’t really like any of the ones I read (or they were just way too much work), so I decided I would just make him cinnamon swirl pancakes the next day where the cinnamon spells out D-A-D. I had to keep the news a secret from Nick for a whole day, so I did what any sane woman would do and called my mom and twin sister to tell them.

They were both ECSTATIC.

When I made pancakes for Nick the next morning he was confused (in shock?):
Nick: Thanks
Krista: Well, what do they say!?!
Nick: Dad?
Krista: Yes. So what do you think that means!??!
Nick: You’re pregnant?
Krista: Yes!
Nick: No you’re not
Krista: Yes I am.
Nick: Seriously?
Krista: Nick! I wouldn’t joke about something like this!


And so for the next few hours Nick stumbled around the house trying to make sense of this new information and integrate it into his world.

We just weren’t expecting it to happen so fast.

And my heart is hesitant to say this, because I know so many beautiful couples who have or who are struggling to get pregnant for months, years.

But the news has sunken in and now we are both holding this secret from almost everyone but our families. It’s so hard to keep a secret!

I can’t wait to tell people.

But, since it’s mostly just us that know, we spend our evenings trying to find girl names we like (we’re already set on a boy’s name) and wondering out loud how it is possible there is a baby in my belly.

Sometimes we cuddle on the couch and Nick gets that boyish grin- that was the first thing I noticed about him when we met- as we giggle about the fact that we two crazy immature selfish people are going to have a baby in 9 months…


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