My View


This is the view from my dining table as I eat lunch.

I love this view.

I love all of the little things throughout our loft that are pictures of other people’s love for us:
-the antique TV trays a friend gave us
-the old end tables I found at a garage sale that match the end tables at our cottage in the UP
-the plants that were gifts from a client and a friend
-the 70s glass lamps that my parents had in their bedroom for the first 30+ years of their marriage
-the wooden candle holders that Nick got for being a part of a wedding party
-the birch bark candle holder a friend gave me because it made her think of me
-the silver tray that was my grandma’s
-The B made of wine corks the owner of La Sous Terre gave me
-the basket that was a gift at my interview from the church which became my first ‘real job’
-the antique trunk that belonged to one of my best friend’s mom
-books a friend just sent us in the mail

I know I say it so often, but I am so truly blessed by the people in my life. These things in my home are just a reminder that I can get through anything in life because I have a support system that is tough as nails.

And even though you may be tired of my saying it, I hope I never stop saying how thankful I am for my friends and family- because that will either mean that I no longer have such amazing community in my life, or it will mean that I take them for granted.

I am so grateful for each and every friend and family member.

You know who you are.

Thank you.

Thank you.


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