Kati’s Matron of Honor Speech at My Wedding

Kati’s speech at my wedding was so good that people applauded in the middle of it twice, and the faces of grown military men were tear stained by the end. She also memorized the entire thing. What a gift it was to me on my wedding day.

Kati’s Speech:

Anyone who knows my family knows we’re very competitive, and it’s not limited to games and sports we can make anything a competition- who’s tanner, who ate the most pancakes, who’s a better singer. In fact, on our home from the bachelorette party Jenni was getting everyone to vote on who was the best driver- Krista or her. So, a few years ago when Krista was giving my toast, I had mixed feelings- on the one hand: aw, that’s so sweet; I love you too. On the other hand: Dang, how am I going to top that one!?

Fortunately, it’s not hard to find great things to say about such an amazing person that has played such a pivotal role in shaping my life and who I am today. Growing up people would always ask us, “what’s it like to be twins?” to which Krista would candidly respond, “I don’t know, what’s it like not being a twin?” I think it’s difficult to describe the connection and closeness that one shares as a twin, but I’m going to do my best to do so tonight.

Being a twin is crying when they separate you at birth until they put you in the same crib. It’s sharing in your first steps together. It’s encouraging each other to take the wheels off your tricycle. It’s waiting for the bus stop with someone every day. It’s knowing when each other are sad, why, and how to make each other feel better. It’s sharing endless games and playing Barbies, dears, dress-up, cutouts- the list is endless.

According to Krista, being a twin is being able to answer for more than just herself. See people would always ask us questions, she would go ahead and answer for me. Being the shyer of the two, and her always knowing what I was going to say anyway, I didn’t mind one bit. If mom and dad hadn’t deterred her for this, she would be giving this speech today about her, from my perspective.

According to me, being a twin is having someone else show me what’s cool. You see, mom and dad would bring two shirts home and say, “which one do you want?” Say, a purple shirt and a pink shirt. I would politely wait for her to choose, and when she choose the pink one, I knew that’s the one I had to have because if Krista wanted it, it was the cooler one. Unfortunately in addition to being cool, she was also intelligent and caught on to me and after awhile she chose the purple in order to get the one she wanted.

Being a twin is always forgiving one another, and I’m grateful for that forgiveness- even when I decided to bite her just out of sheer curiosity as a little girl.

It’s staying up late, it’s seeing each other through heartbreak, it’s seeing each other through all the good times, it’s being just as happy when she makes the game winning three point shot as if it would have been me myself, it’s not wanting to change bedrooms because I would miss our late night conversations, it’s regretting going to a different college because I didn’t know how hard it would be without her there, it’s always getting the truth. You know, you ask your friends, “Do I look fat in this?” “No,” “Does this look good on me?” “Yes” “Does this match?” “Yes.” But Krista, you know, apparently has this innate fashion sense that I have lacked on several occasions, would tell the truth.

Being a twin is really special. I don’t know if everyone’s experience has been as mine was, but having Krista as a twin we have a bond that will never be broken, a tie that will never be severed. I’m so glad that God chose her to be such a blessing and such a huge part of my life.

Unfortunately I don’t know Nick as well as I’d like to, but it’s very clear through our conversations- how she talks about him, how she looks at him- that he is her Hugh Grant.”

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