Dear “Beauty” Industry – another beautiful blogger

Here is another link to a blog post written passionately to the Beauty Industry. This beautiful lady gets it.

The blog’s author, Beth Berry, pits the lies the beauty industry sells:

  • You lie to little girls.
  • You confuse young boys.
  • You perpetuate self-loathing in adolescents.
  • You manipulate images of already-beautiful bodies into unachievable, inhuman shapes in order to present “beauty” as just beyond our reach.

Against the forces of truth in her own beauty experience:

  • Frequent exposure to nature.
  • A mother with self respect who took care of and never insulted her body.
  • A father who empowered his daughters to be anything we wanted.
  • Parents who told me I was valuable and showed me with plenty of love and attention.
  • A strong community of diverse and caring people whom I always knew I could trust.
  • Patient teachers who validated my ideas and encouraged my uniqueness.

And leaves her readers with plenty of reminders of the difference between real beauty and what our society tries to sell us as a manipulative, impossible, artificial view of beauty.

Image“I felt beautiful when that photo was taken because the man behind the camera not only loves me completely, but finds me beautiful and sexy and mysterious because of all the ‘imperfections‘ you would have me alter, lift, tuck or smooth away.”


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