Broken is the beginning…of Beautiful

I wanted to continue my beauty series with another dazzling video by another brave woman.

What is to give light must endure burning. -Viktor Frankl

I’ve been totally into this blog called Momastery. The author is Glennon Doyle Melton, and she is a recovering bulimic, alcoholic, and drug user who speaks transparently about the beauty and brokenness in life.

In this video, Glennon talks about the beauty and holiness in grief, and how, if we allow ourselves to exist in the space of brokenness with people, our true beauty will shine.

I was struck by this video, because as I searched for times I had felt beautiful in my life, times of brokenness certainly came to mind- not because I was radiant in all my running mascara and snot glory- but because I was being completely transparent, completely real, completely me. In my brokenness, I am still loved-

(I’ve pre-ordered her book, Carry On Warrior, because so far I’m loving all that she has to say (it arrives on Tuesday!).)


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