You Can’t Eat Beauty

During Women’s History Month, many of you know I have had guest bloggers writing about a time they felt beautiful. Throughout this month, I have also payed attention to examples of beauty, true beauty in the media. This speech by Lupita Nyong’o was one that I didn’t have to find myself, as many friends pointed out how it related to my blog series last month.

I love this speech for so many reasons. First, Lupita is the essence of beauty as she stands in front of a group of people, mostly her senior, with poise, honesty, tears, articulateness, and passion for which she speaks.

Second, I love the thesis of her talk- her mom’s phrase “You can’t eat beauty, it doesn’t feed you,” and how she came to understand that she couldn’t rely on her looks to sustain her. She goes on to say that compassion for ourselves and those around us is what makes us beautiful.

Lastly, I love the audience participation throughout the speech- the “oh no’s!” when talking about trying to be white, and the “oh yes’s” when Lupita shared about true beauty- and how it shows that we all yearn and applaud true beauty and mourn attempts at false beauty that we see in others.

We are a sisterhood- and brotherhood- of people who yearn to be called beautiful, and who know somewhere deep down, that beauty is not in trying to look like anyone else, but – as Lupita puts it – is just something we have to BE.


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