WHM – Day 22

The word beautiful by definition speaks to the esthetic imagery that comes when looking at something. Beauty can be felt in all senses; roses smell beautiful, horses look beautiful, church bells sound beautiful and velvet feels beautiful. Beauty can be found in all areas of life as well. Recently I found my ultimate beauty in death.

ImageFrances K. Smith, my beautifully amazing 94 year old Grandma died in January. It was quick.  She told me many times during that day that she was ready to go- she patted my arm and said “stop crying, honey, I’ve lived a good life, I’m ready to die”. My Grams was a strong lady. She passed the trait to my Mom Carol, and Mom has worked hard to pass it to me.
On that peaceful day, while the hospital clergy prayed over sweet Grandma, I realized life had come full circle.

I looked across the room at my two daughters Emily and Savannah Imagegently grieving and sharing hugs, and shared messages with my sister by phone and watched Mom and Dad wait quietly by the bed as we watched for Grams to take her final breath.

ImageAt that moment I felt more beautiful than  ever before. I saw my past and my future meet in the moment. The life and energy that so easily radiated from the women in my family had been passed to me. The moment was beautiful. Grams stepped into Heaven and a peace came over her still body. My daughters wept and smiled and hugged. Mom and I looked deep within each other seeing a beauty and strength like never before. It was now our turn to own our beauty. Grams had been doing it for years.


Kim is Mom to two girls and two boys. “I break for garage sales” would be the bumper sticker on her car (if her teenage daughters allowed her to HAVE bumper stickers on her car.) She loves sushi and diet dr. pepper, a nice glass of wine and strong coffee in the morning. Kim works to find justice in the world and finds strength from her relationships with the special people in her life. If you are ever helping Kim look for something- it’s probably in her trunk. Start there first!


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