WHM – Day 8


Beauty defined. For this particular post I’d like to use the following definition. Beauty: the aggregate of qualities in a person that give pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind and/or spirit.

When Krista first approached me with the prompt of writing on beauty my initial reaction was hesitancy. Write about a time when I felt beautiful? Hesitancy because that is a prompt that requires significant self-evaluation and transparency with complete strangers.

In high school, I was the only woman on a trapshooting team. Something rather peculiar began to happen as I entered into this male dominated sport. I hadn’t ever been someone overly fond of the color pink. Yet I began to wear a pink hat. This likely sounds like an insignificant detail, however, there was something deeper happening here that I wouldn’t come to notice until years later.

However subtle, I had begun to etch gender separation—to exclude myself from being “one of the guys”. I was a woman and as if, while holding a 12 gauge shot gun, a pink hat just screamed I am still feminine! What I was attempting was a visual display of grace and strength…something that comes quite natural to women, with or without a pink hat on their head.

There is a distinction in beauty that I think is noteworthy. The two primary distinctions being inward and outward (you knew that’s where I was going, didn’t you). Put in other words, beauty in relation to your physical being or to your character. I have always leaned a little to the character side myself. Tell me I have a beautiful smile and you’ll see the smile of which you just commented and I’ll feel a brief instant of pleasure.

The unfortunate thing becomes when I look to fill myself by what those around me have to say. Whether it be from the patients I care for, my boyfriend, my family or even my dearest friends. Similar to drugs, buying new stuff etc. their words illicit a quick temporal burst of self-worth. The problem is it is unsustainable and not guaranteed. Without a continued compliment supply I would feel disappointed, bitter and insignificant. What a stark contrast to what every person desires to feel like.

However, tell me I am humble, hard-working and have a kind heart, that is more significant to me than any physical compliment I could receive. There is something to that.

When someone recognizes beauty in elements of the person you are they are complimenting characteristics that will never wrinkle, fade, sag, stretch or gray. But there is still the problem of necessity in another person to produce a sense of beauty.

The solution is a simple one. Jesus Christ. No one treasures the creation like the creator.

I feel most beautiful when I am complete, content and satisfied in Jesus Christ. He designed the very essence of who I am, and therefore knows me in an intimate way that no human being could possibly ever relate to.

There is never a question of my self-worth because I am rooted with a God that sacrificed everything so that I could have the opportunity to be completed by Him. His character is never at fault, he is trustworthy and my soul aches for the kind of relationship that only He can fulfill.

True beauty by design, is a relationship with Jesus Christ.


My name is Becca Clark, I recently graduated college last year and work at the University of Kansas Hospital as a registered nurse. I am blessed to have a career where I get to serve people on a daily basis. I find people and their stories fascinating. I like being outside, experiencing new things and immersing myself in cultures that are different than my own.


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