Women’s History Month Wrap Up

About a week into our daily Women’s History Month postings my husband aptly pointed out that I was probably responsible for getting many a husband laid this month. We joked that they should be sending me thank you gifts.

But the truth is that I owe a huge thank you to all of the men (and women) who contributed this month by publicly putting their pride aside to share their hearts.

And I was so blessed by what you wrote.

Men and women wrote about their wive’s, mothers’, daughters’, or sisters’ faith, aptitude at parenting, beauty, strength, courage, patience, and more. I loved the variety in styles and the accuracy in depicting the diversity among personalities and virtues in women. I also loved how many men asked me to make sure to edit so that they didn’t look stupid:)

But in all seriousness, it is always meaningful to me to take a month to honor women. If the women who were written about were like me, they probably wanted to disagree with the nice things said about them, or at least write one for their husbands in return. But if there is one trait that is very common in the women I know- it’s selflessness. And though it is always wonderful to give, sometimes it’s important to receive as well.

Thanks to writers for giving. Thanks to the women for taking a long enough break from giving to receive.


One thought on “Women’s History Month Wrap Up

  1. THANK YOU! Twice reading what Matt wrote broke through the barriers I keep around myself. 1st we had a GREAT talk, which I told you about and 2nd it helped me not be mad after a fight. Receiving was what I needed each time. Love you!

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