For Krista

by Nicholas Brennfoerder

Why I love Krista

                This is not what I thought I would write when I signed up for this.  Originally, I had a modern Shakespearian sonnet about Krista using the three elements that she loves and how they show her extraordinary character.  Using the three elements of Coffee, Snow, and Cabernet, I would have melted your heart and made previous husbands* shake their heads and slump their shoulders in shame..  Some other blog perhaps.

The moment I realized I had to write something else happened at around ten o’clock Friday night.  As I was with some friends celebrating my glorious March Madness bracket, my wife was sitting in an ER waiting room.  She was not there for herself but for a friend.  Together they waiting they waited for hours, through a variety of tests and a handful of medical professionals.  Earlier in the evening when she got the call she did not dither or whine.  She just left her Friday evening with friends watching her team make an incredible comeback.  All this after another stressful week of work that should of qualified her for a Tahitian get away.

To see her sitting in the ER Waiting Room reminded me of why I have dedicated my life to hers.  Even as a newlywed I have to confess that I sometimes lose sight of her beautiful heart in the fog of bills, homework, petty arguments, and her attempts at keeping me from making the apartment look like a freshman dorm room.   The sad thing is it shouldn’t be such a hard thing to lose sight of because it is so hard to miss.

You see this is not a phenomena; this is the fundamentals of Krista Gayle 101.  Instead of her Friday evening spent in the ER waiting room, I could have written this about how she carries granola bars in her car to give to needy people.  Or how she writes letters to her Compassion International child.  Or if she knows you, how she probably prays for you every night before she goes to bed.  Or the long list of all the people she has sat across from and helped to grieve or find hope.

It is her tenderness with the wounded.  It is her self-sacrifice for those in need.  It is her voice for the marginalized.  These are the breadcrumbs that lead to a heart filled with the love of Jesus.  And it is this bold beautiful heart that I love and hope to help continue to grow.  That is why I love Krista.

*As a side note I expect but have not yet seen an avalanche of thank you cards from husbands who have found their wife more receptive to “romantic advances” after their post on Krista’s blog.



3 thoughts on “For Krista

    1. Nice job, Nick. Your words portrayed a piece of the heart of a remarkable woman who is friends, and has befriended so many. Thank you for saying it so well.

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