For Katie

By Matt Randolph

What Katie Means To Me
It is hard to describe what Katie means to me because she means so much.  Katie is always there for me no matter how bad things get or how bad I get.  She somehow is able to take away the pain I feel when I am sick or depressed just by laughing, smiling, or hugging me.  She is compassionate, exhilarating, and yet dependable all at the same time. I am an outdoors lover and she really reminds me of the beauty and warmth of a sunrise except that she remains constant, whereas a sunrise eventually ends.  This description is still an inadequate picture of Katie and how she makes me feel. However, I hope this let’s people see at least a little of the treasure she is.

8 thoughts on “For Katie

  1. Krista and Nick– Thank you for this opportunity you gave Matt. Nick is right 🙂 This helped me so first when I read it and typed and sent it to you. Second when it was posted and I was mad, I just couldn’t stay mad any longer.

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