For Ramona

By Grant Miller

Why do I love Ramona? Some of the reasons are easy-like she is physically attractive(still!) and she loves me. What more could a man ask for, right? Well, there’s got to be more to it than just those two items. So here are some the other many reasons I love(and like!) Ramona and married her for life. She is wise, slow to anger, hard working, Christian, she accepts me for who I am and encourages me often. She is quick to offer assistance to me and about anyone else when she sees that they are working on something. She has a very solid moral compass. She is a good(and fast, when needed) cook. She is fun to be with at home or on a walk, vacation, at one of the kid’s events, or the occasional date that we get to have. She is my best friend and great person to bounce ideas off of or share the latest news with. She does a GREAT job of being a mother to our five children. She comes from a good family and is a good daughter/sister-in-law to my family. I like her smile-it blesses my day. She’s frugal. She drives so I can read and study. She’s a good driver.
Have we had our rough patches? Yep. Would I trade her in for a new model? Nope. Don’t want to and would just regret it later even if I did.



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