For Leslie

By Tom Foster

100_2551I’ve been very fortunate to have a lot of women in my life. They range from a Mother, Grand Mother, Sisters, Nieces, Wives ( lost my first Wife to cancer), Mother-in-laws, Sister-in-laws, Daughters, Step Daughters and Grand Daughters. Now that’s a lot of women!
  As to which one I love or admire the most, they are like a box of chocolates, what’s not to like?
    Leslie (my Daughter) is one of those women. As to why I love her, besides the fact that she is my Daughter, she gives me a lot of reasons. Her desire and determination are a couple of those reasons. I noticed that early in Her life when she was about 3 1/2 years old. My three children got heilum filled balloons from a friend. We arrived home and as Leslie was getting out of the car with her balloon in hand. She let loose of the string and up it went. Off She went running and reaching for it with that desire and determination, as it floated up and out of site.
     That desire and determination has never left her. Even with the loss of her Mother, she has continued to demonstrate those atributes.100_2606 Graduating from college with a BS in International language and a Master’s in TESOL. Living on Her own in Germany, Russia, Argentina, China and Equador while doing what she loves.
   Now that’s desire and determination!  What’s not to like !!!
Love Your Pappy

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