For Sam

By Austin Foster

First off, Happy Birthday Sam!

Two months ago I got down on bended knee and made a proposition to Sam. Nervous as all get out, I said “Samantha Lynn Marie Spiece, will you marry me?” Without hesitation and with great excitement she replied “Yes!” Over the past two and a half years of dating Sam and getting to know her I am continually amazed by the kind of person she is. She is worthy of more respect and honor than I could possibly ever give her. I have always overheard people say “out marry yourself” or “marry up” or some other variation of that. I do believe that is a healthy and noble way to look at things. But, in order to keep my self esteem in the “black” I like to think two “tens” found each other and the rest is history. But yeah, I’m “marry-ing up.”

20120713_SMG_IMG_9673-1628Samantha, and a few of the many reasons why I love her…
Sam is a sweetheart. She is the true definition of the word. She is a kind hearted, great person, with a great personality and she is lovely to be around. She brings a smile to my face every time I see her. I love that she has such a sweetheart. Sam loves people and wants them to have what they need. Whenever we are together and she notices someone in need I can see her heart break when I look into her eyes. I love that she is so receptive to people in need. Her first reaction is always action. She takes action in a truly Christlike way by loving that person in a gentle and humble way. She loves people, friends or strangers, expecting nothing in return. I’m encouraged every time she steps out and lives her faith.

I love that Sam loves to have a good time. It was early on in our relationship when she told me she had been skydiving when she was in college! When she told me that I knew I was talking to a “ten.” I was floored. Here is little Sammy jumping out of airplanes and I’m scared I am going to break my arm riding my new skateboard! (I have since retired from riding.) Sam never backs down from new experiences and I love that about her. She welcomes them with a smile. Speaking of having a good time, I love to hear Sam laugh. When she is laughing it means I’m doing my job to humor her! She has one of those laughs that when I get her going it makes me think I could do stand up comedy! Her easy going personality takes whatever life brings her in stride. I like to think I’m an easy going, fun loving person but she makes me look like the grinch that stole Christmas sometimes. I love that about her. She is calm and confident.

I love Sam because she constantly challenges me to be a better person. She doesn’t always have to say something outright to my face. I 540775_476183539088544_1616528727_ncan always see it in her body language. I know when I have let her down, and believe me she lets me know, but she is always graceful and forgiving of all my mistakes. She has such a strong understanding of grace and the need for it in all her relationships. She challenges me to offer grace to myself the same way she does.

Lastly, I love Sam because she is my best friend. We often refer to each other as “buddy.” It’s not just a term of endearment but also a true display of how we view our relationship. We are buddies, pals, compadres, like Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber but in a much sexier way! I could not have asked God for a better friend to spend the rest of my life with. Just when I wasn’t looking for anyone she came along and two “tens” found each other and the rest is history!


One thought on “For Sam

  1. This smartphone of mine has been buzzing this morning with the most wonderful happy birthday messages a girl could ask for. But this my wonderful buddy has truly been the most wonderful birthday present!

    Krista, I’m so glad you’re doing this! The women in your posts are true inspirations. Thanks for sharing these beautiful stories of love.

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