For Leta Mae

by Andrew Drew

Following my conversion to Christ I felt a conviction in my soul to remain single; ironically, (and not so coincidentally) this is when God268722_713443501911_5550591_n decided to introduce me to the love of my life Leta Mae. Through the years, the Lord slowly cajoled me into realizing that He had someone actually hand-picked especially for me and that I did not deserve to spend the rest of my life alone (a message from the enemy). We complement one another in such a way that it is obvious to everyone that we are a match; a fact that no fewer than half a dozen people pointed out during our long courtship. So naturally, the song we walked out of the church on our wedding day to was “let’s give’em something to talk about” by Bonnie Raitt.

Leta is the kind of person that even the most difficult person can befriend. She has the warmest heart of anyone I have ever met and has a way of letting everyone she meets feel it. People are drawn to her (as I was and am) for the simple reason that God’s Holy Spirit is at work in and through her to be the remarkable wife, mother and friend that she is. Leta is an amazing mother to our young son. Where my patience runs thin her seemingly endless reserve of poise pours out of her and into our son. Leta has the heart of a teacher, given to her by the Lord and our son is and will continue to be, the benefactor of that. Leta is my best friend, life-long companion and I am all the better for it, thanks be to God.

15407_10100100490817961_1213402820_nGod could not have chosen a better woman for me than Leta Mae. Having both come from broken homes, we have been a comfort to each other through the pain that comes with that. It also means that the odds are stacked against us, so they say. Despite the statistics, I would unequivocally say that we have emerged from our collective heart-ache stronger and I dare say better for it. We are wholly devoted to one another in a way that I cannot fully put into words; I believe that it is only on the other side of glory that God will make it clear to us the purpose of our suffering, comfort our weary souls and dry our tears. For now, we have the joy of knowing a love that is immeasurable and a life that is abundantly blessed.

Leta Mae, you are the love of my life. I am eternally grateful to God that he has graced me with your love. Marrying you was the best decision I ever made outside of coming to know the Lord as Savior. You continually amaze me day in and day out with your steadfast loyalty even to those who do you harm. I pray that the hurt that I have caused you does not make you question my loyalty or just how much I cherish you. With these few simple words I honor you this month and every day for the incredible woman you are. I love you sweetie.


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