For Peggy

By Kyle Swenor

There is a certain dichotomy to writing about my mother. It should be easy because she’s so amazing and because of how much I love her, but she was an english teacher for so many years. Her everyday vocabulary makes mine look that of a 5th grader (and I’ve even been complimented on mine before) and the way she scoffs at grammatical errors that some of our nations leaders make is enough to just keep you quiet most of the time. Alas, here is an adventure of words that, as anyone who knows her will attest, hardly scratches the surface of the story of love that is my mother.

222253_11520879796_653_nLook at that! What is it?! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No wait, it’s a coach’s wife! AND a farmer’s wife! AND a woman who at one point lived with two teenage boys and her husband, THREE unruly males! It’s gotta be! Yes it IS! It’s SuperWoman! Okay okay, we all know and/or have heard plenty of stories about super moms. And truly, there are A LOT of them. I know because I’ve met a whole bunch. And this is nothing to take away from them. But guys, remember when we were little, and there was a kid on the playground being a punk, and eventually an altercation would ensue in which the victor would often be decided by an argument of who’s dad could beat up who’s? “My dad could beat up your dad!” Well this is a lot like that, only we’re talking mom’s here, and I’m pretty sure my mom could beat up your dad. And if not, she could at least bruise up his ego pretty good with some grammatical ninja moves or something.

One might ask how I think this to be so. Well…

….A Super Woman she very much is. You see, she has taught our youth. She has mothered (and still is mothering :)) three of my favorite people on this planet, and is GrandMothering many more. However it has been the last 5 years that my Super Mom has really taught me about true love. She has taken the words ‘love’ and ‘care’ and all of their synonyms and made rendered them utterly insufficient. For four years the safekeeping of her soulmate was first-nature for her. Ever looking for new ways to advance dad’s progress, researching new medical findings for stroke victims, getting him out around the farm on the golf cart, and even trying her own techniques to revive memories during their trips into therapy, never questioning that steps forward would come. And during that same era, making time to care for her own mother until her passing a few short years ago. As if these doings weren’t enough to prove her Superness, get this. With a house burning down all around her, my Mom, who is Super, literally reached into a burning bed and pulled my dad out of the house to safety, got him into the van and drove to the neighbors house. Now if that doesn’t scream Super Hero I don’t know what does.

When I was little, and could still fit in her lap, I always wanted to sit up front with her in the car so she should scratch my back. These 318050_466020210091829_1565744104_ndays that would be deemed unsafe and even illegal, but remember, my mom is Super Woman! So I was safe the whole time. She could even make things grow in the garden, and Tyler and I could go and just pick whatever we wanted. We’d snack like princes on all the fresh vegetables then dessert up on the seemingly endless raspberries.

Growing up, most of what my mom did seemed pretty normal as I think it is for most children, but now that I’ve seen more and more of this world, I can see it was quite the story of true love she has ended up living.

I am not yet a parent, but I know the universe somehow decided I was to be provided with the truest of examples of what the great ones are. Thanks yew sooper mom I sher do luv yew 😉


7 thoughts on “For Peggy

  1. Peggy is amazing- a true super woman and her love for others is one which I admire. Thank you for sharing the stories.

  2. Super Mom indeed…..and so much more. And always so proud of her family. Thanks for putting your pen to the paper and sharing!

  3. I haven’t seen Peggy since our High School Graduation(1964) even then she was one of the kindest and compassionate people I have ever met. She must be so proud of her children. As you said, Kyle, she is a great example to follow. JoAnna Maggio Hartwig, Orlando, Florida

  4. Please indulge a male visitor. Like JoAnna, the last time to see Peggy was during High School graduation. Her special character was obvious as far back as Jr. High.

    Reading Kyle’s thoughts, confirms a wonderful life for one so deserving. The knowledge of that makes me smile. Having a grandfather special like her, I’ve felt it my honor to pass it on to the best of my ability. So Kyle; enjoy and pass it on.

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