For Paula

By Roger Brant

Loving Paula.

To describe your love for someone is daunting, it will always seem inadequate.  It may even be an act of futility considering that some 63260_10151395756859263_1282604313_ndefine love as the “ineffable”.

For the sake of communicating love between husband and wife, it seems that one of the key components is romance.  Romance is made of physical and emotional attraction (and compatibility).  Let me apply this philosophical muse to my lovely wife Paula.

I should not go into too much detail about what attracts me to Paula physically since this post will be seen by millions around the world on facebook and not to mention that I would not want to embarrass her.  She is truly a physically beautiful person.  Her looks caught my attention the first time we met and continue to capture it today.

The emotional attraction and attachment took a little more time to develop.  She and I were at a vulnerable time in our spiritual pilgrimage.  We had both been broken and had the opportunity to share the journey of healing together.  One of our goals, which strengthened our bond, was to be open and honest with each other.


Love demands sacrifice.  Paula has always been an extremely giving and compassionate person.  She demonstrates those attributes daily which in turn serves as an inspiration to me and others around her.

An enduring relationship (about 30 years so far) requires commitment and compromise.  Paula has endured difficult times in her life (some would say being married to me) and has remained faithful and strong.

I am blessed to have her as my partner and love.   Thank you!


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