For Sarah

By Tyler Graham

As a newlywed I thought it would be easy to write a short letter about why I loved Sarah. That short letter turned into a page and a half of ramblings about how we met and how great she was. So I started over and am going to stick to the writing format they taught us in school. I love Sarah because she loves Jesus, she loves others, and she loves me. Now I’m going to tell you about it.

548542_583387251219_689806258_nMy wife had to love the Lord, this was a requirement – other items were flexible. I met her at church, thinking that would give me a good start. Little did I know she is a preacher’s daughter, a preacher’s sister, and attended Christian school kindergarten through college. This was the first thing about Sarah that God really surpassed my expectations on. She challenges me in my faith and keeps me in check. The desire to have a God centered relationship and marriage was not a hard sell to Sarah at all. She is fun to be around and even when the going gets tough, she will eventually find the optimistic approach and will tackle it with God’s help.

I challenge anyone to find a situation where Sarah will do something for herself before she will do it for someone else.  She enjoys helping people, especially those in need or who can’t help themselves. A fine example of her humble attitude is in her profession. Sarah is an attorney; this was not an easy task to accomplish. She didn’t do it for the money, and she didn’t do it for any other sleazy selfish reasons. She did it to help others. She figured God gave her the mind to handle the intense dedication of completing the task, so she said it was the only thing to do. She especially has a passion to help children and provide the legal assistance to get them on the right road again, so God gave her a position as a local county juvenile attorney. It really is wonderful to have seen Sarah complete the rigorous tasks to get where she is now, just to help God’s people.

317127_583386792139_1877023548_nThankfully, Sarah’s mindset of helping others before herself spews over into our marriage. When I say I like something, or I prefer to do something a certain way, she doesn’t cross her arms and snuff at me, she silently takes note and remembers it for next time. She has always been better at writing me notes and giving them to me at the perfect time or leaving them for me on my truck so I would unexpectedly find them during my work day – just to get a smile on my face. Sarah is smart which keeps me on my toes. She’s not afraid to confront or to poke holes in my theories, but boy is it hard to argue with her in a friendly banter. I feel she can always come up with a valid point against the side I’m on; I suppose that’s the downfall of being married to a lawyer. She does take care of me though, and always has my best interest in mind and I am so very thankful for that.

Sarah is fun to be around and she makes a great best friend who is stunningly beautiful. It’s funny to think about how you can commit to spending the rest of your life with someone you have known for less than two years, but without a shadow of a doubt after the first couple of times I laid my eyes on this girl, I was completely okay with that and don’t regret it one bit. She has changed me and I have changed her, she lifts me up but checks me before I get too high. I know we may have our struggles, but this girl is worth fighting for.


2 thoughts on “For Sarah

  1. Of course I cried when I read this. We have been praying for Sarah for many years so it was no surprise that God answered so completely. We knew the first time he spoke of her that this young woman was something special. We are blessed

  2. What a beautiful tribute from a loving husband! God has His eye on both of you. Your future together is secure in Him. Blessings to you both!

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