For Pam

by Dick Swenor

Why do I love my wife Pam? Krista would probably want me to say because she gave me a tall, beautiful, dark haired twin daughter (named Krista)….and of course that is part of it, but there is so much more.

First and foremost, Pam’s life is centered around our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She has a pure heart and a sincere faith. Do I really need to go on? To me, she is an angel sent from God …probably to keep me straight! Pam might say or do the wrong thing sometimes, but her motives are always pure. I can always count on her. If I’m down about something, she knows just the right thing to say or do. If I get too full of myself, she knows how to reign me in and set me straight (in fact, sometimes I think God sent her to me with the task of keeping me humble – if so, she is an overachiever!).

Whether Pam is dealing with me, the kids, friends, or anyone, she never thinks of herself first. She lives up to Philippians 2:3-4, where it says, “…but in humility look to others’ needs before your own…”  She sacrifices her own wants and desires for that of others. On the other hand, she will take a strong stand for what is right and stand her ground. I admire the strength she shows when sticking to her convictions.


A natural mother, Pam raised 5 beautiful children. Sometimes I would sit back and marvel at how patient and caring and creative she was (and still is) with the kids. Their needs always come before her own. I look back at those days and wonder how she did it – 4 kids 5 and under, then another later on.  And now, as verification of all I’m saying, three of our daughters are just super mothers themselves. If something comes up they need advice for, they immediately call their mom.

Pam completes me. I am a much better person today because I have her in my life. By her example I am more patient, more understanding, more giving, …I could go on and on. (I still have a long way to go but am heading in the right direction because of my partner in life.) Are things always perfect? No – but I wouldn’t trade “making up” with anything….


Pam enjoys life and is fun to be with. She enjoys the outdoors – walking, camping, kayaking, biking, laying out on the beach, boating, croquette, corn hole, badminton, hiking, sightseeing, gardening,…just enjoying God’s creation. She is an avid reader, a good cook, loves to go antiquing and just loves to be with people. Her smile will warm up an entire room.

I love Pam because of who she is and because being with her makes me smile inside and out. As scriptures tell us, God looks at our hearts. I am sure when he looks at Pam’s he is very pleased. Some people think that it is hard, when you retire and are with your spouse almost all the time. I think it is great, because I learn more and more about the woman that God blessed me with. What a gift she is!



One thought on “For Pam

  1. That is a beautiful testimony to a Christ centered marriage and life!!! You are truly blessed!! We love you! Barney and Kris

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