For Teri

by Taylor Berry

My mom is and always has been the number one person to volunteer for others. Giving her time and even a delicious meal, Teri Berry’s willingness to help others has touched many lives. Having her as a mother, that’s where I am truly blessed. There is not a single date marked in history where my mother was not an active role in my life. Whether it was going to sports events, leading girl scout troops or cooking at 42bc8255-729a-4ff6-b407-701ed083fe43_zps23960d69camps, mom has always been the one to turn to. Always there!! She allowed my sisters and I to have an outstanding and loving mother to rely on everyday. We’ve always known her time is precious, especially when it comes to her job because that’s the money that pays the bills. Over the years there are countless occasions where she has taken off work or left early to be at doctors appointments, give rides and straighten out things from insurance to financial aide. In the back of my mind I always felt guilty for taking her away from work but not once did I hear her complain. There will never be enough Hallmarks made to thanks my mom for all she has sacrificed. The strongest woman award could easily go to her not only because she raised three daughters but because she did it alone. The teenage years were a bit rocky for us all and as you can imagine, she was forced daily to regulate our fights and to mediate the household. Throughout my life she demonstrated faith, loyalty and integrity in times where for me it seemed impossible to keep moving. Her determination and focus on the big picture gave us all hope. Luckily we have been able to learn about the walk of life from a woman after God’s own heart. My mother shaped me and passed down the qualities I’ve admired for close to 20 years. Even though her methods seemed crazy and unfair at the time, there is not one single thing I would do differently if placed in her shoes. Without her tactics I wouldn’t be headstrong and independent which I have craved to be ever since watching her as a young girl. She set an extraordinary example of what a woman should be through all situations. I love my mom not only for providing everything I’ve ever needed growing up but she has made sure I’m on the right path for my future. I’m able to stand on my own two feet and completely utterly understand why she drilled in my mind “never depend on any guy, only yourself.” When I have my own children far down the line I pray I’m able to be half the mom mine has been to me. She is a whole different superhero! When my children are causing me to go gray far down the line I hope they will think I’m at least half the mom mine has been.

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