For Erica

by Ryan Shippy

I love my wife because she is easy to love.  Most of those who encounter my wife experience this phenomenon in some form.   I can’t count the number of times I hear other women who meet Erica for the first time say something along the lines of “Oh we would just be great friends!” I’m convinced the women who do say this are not incorrect, and if they actually were friends with Erica, they would indeed be great friends because my wife knows no other type.  Erica has only great friends because she is the greatest friend.  I am amazed at the onslaught of people she intentionally interacts with in a day, whether that be checking in how an interview went, or a birthday wish, or checking in on some otherwise small event in their life that the rest of us would have not remembered, but Erica can recall and inquire with genuine interest.  This commitment to friendship and attention to detail is reflected in the quality of each of her many friendships.  This is a quality I envy because I can go so long without contacting people I care about.

404753_553413349932_1142016886_n The other thing I hear so many women say to my wife “I just feel a real connection between us.” This is again so true because Erica knows how to relate to people.  She just has an endearing aura about her that in some way cuts through the walls people put up and fosters openness and sincerity.  It is as if she can, in some paradoxical way, condense hours of conversation time of getting to know someone to minutes because they feel so eager to share their lives with her.  I don’t think this is a goal of Erica’s, that is, to cause people to feel connected, but instead a byproduct of being so sincere herself.

Occasionally men, usually clerks or waiters, sense some sort of “connection” between himself and my wife, which then calls for immediate intervention on my part.  However, I attribute this less to the “endearing aura” and more to her screaming good looks.  But one thing is for sure:  She certainly is easy to love.


4 thoughts on “For Erica

  1. This was the sweetest thing ever to start my day.

    March 5th has always been one of my favorite days on the calendar, per a potentially odd kind of adoration I have for the number 35 (3/5) and when Ryan told me he was doing this awhile ago, I thought to myself that I hoped his would be on 3/5 lol. So I was giddy before I even started reading with the day it was posted, and as I read his awesome post, I smiled a whole lot more, laughed, and cried, too!

    Thank you, Shippmate. This was perfect.

    AND a huge thank you to Krista for this exceptional idea. I enjoyed every post you had last March, and I cannot wait to read each of these.

  2. Excellent post Shippmate! You really hit the nail on the head. You should guest blogger on the Dyer-E…like Marlborough Man! Good stuff, and very well said.

  3. Ryan, you indeed described our Erica to perfection. Those of us who are older hope that our daughters grow up to be just like Erica. Those of us who call her friend look forward to her blogs and facebook posts so that we can keep up with her life, pretending that one day we could be as sweet, genuine, caring, and compassionate as she is 😉

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