For Patti

Why I love my wife.
by Michael Mangis

Women’s history month, a blog on awesome women, great idea, Krista!
Today is my wife’s birthday and I forgot to get a card so I’ll write this instead to go with her present. Most birthday cards marketed for husbands to wives focus on “thanks for all the things you do.” That is important but I’d like to focus on who my wife is.  Not what she does. On our second date  patti came from singing in a choir concert, she talked excitedly about,someday, in heaven, singing in a choir of angels and believers all of whom believe the words of praise  they’re singing to God. As a singer and choir director,” Patti manifests the Holy Spirit wherever she ministers, even if those listening don’t understand that that is what’s happening. This passion for blessing God is one of the first things I fell in love with.
In family traditions and in spaces in our home, Patti is gifted at revealing the goodness and beauty of God.  unlike me, she is never afraid of feeling and loving passionately and deeply.
She never tires of seeking the best out of herself and others. And she is gifted at drawing it out.these and so many others are the reasons I love my wife.

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