Woman Project- the wrap up

For March is Women’s History Month I asked 31 women I know to write posts for my blog.

The part I enjoyed most in reading these posts was how unique each one is. I gave the same prompt to each woman, and somehow each one wrote a different story in a very different style.

Some wrote about struggles and others about joy. Some about motherhood and others about work. Some about their journey and others about a single snapshot. Some about deep love and others about deep pain.

I find myself wondering what men would’ve written had they been given the same prompt.

If you generalize our writings to reflections of motherhood and girlfriends and what it means to be a wife, maybe very different.

If you generalize our writings to reflections of life and identity and joy and loss, maybe very similar.

As I sit on the couch eating homemade ice cream and nursing a cracked heart from a heavy week at work, I’m overcome by the unity woven throughout humanity. Sharing our stories is powerful because each story lends hope to those who can identify with it and heartens understanding for those who can’t.

The stories are different. The stories are very different.

But the stories are also the same.



One thought on “Woman Project- the wrap up

  1. Thanks for the opportunity dude. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of the beautiful hearts of the beautiful women you know. God bless your cracked heart. (greatbighug)

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