Corie Schoeneberg

As I sat down to consider what to write about, I felt stumped.  There are so many rabbit trails to chase, so many ideas to consider, so much meaning to be unpacked.  I considered reflecting on a woman’s place in our culture, my new experience as a woman with motherhood, the connections we hold with women of the Bible, our struggles as women, our gifts as women…  All of it seemed too important not to write about and yet none of it gripped me as “the thing” to focus on.  In the end, I discovered it is exactly this dilemma- the dilemma of choosing what is most important, most precious- that my life as a woman revolves around.  How am I going to spend my time today?  Do I go back to work or stay home with my babies?  Do I have that difficult conversation or focus on growing the relationship?  Can I trust that what God says about me is true or do I listen to the messages of the world?  Do I have enough courage to put my faith in Jesus ALONE?

This season of my life is filled wonderful gifts but hard questions that arise out of blessing.  The more I live, the more I am reminded that it the process, the wrestling, the struggling, the fight with these questions that is as equally important as the answer I eventually arrive at.  Sometimes I can become so dead set on getting something figured out or resolved within myself that I miss point of it all.  The point is not to get to our destination as quickly and as efficiently as possible, the point IS to be delayed, to be burdened, to be vexed, to be outmatched by the problem.  It’s in the battle with unanswered questions that we truly grow and change and are transformed.

I want very much to be a woman who has it all together, but real life happens when everything’s a mess.  My heart is a wreck, and that’s just the way He wants it.  He wants me to be broken, so that He can mend me through and through and through some more.  It’s the PROCESS of mending that is the most important part of the story.  And that’s my story.

Corie and her husband Rob live in Warrensburg, MO and have two adorable twin boys- Boe and Micah. She has her Master’s in Counseling and an Education Specialist degree from the University of Central Missouri . She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a registered Play Therapist.


One thought on “Corie Schoeneberg

  1. Corie,

    I think you hit the bulls eye with talking about the process, the brokenness, the struggle that is innate to being human. I am an expert at avoiding the process. I am really good at avoiding the “process” and circumventing its benefits. I am becoming more keenly aware of my tendency to do this; your post helps me looks deeper within.


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