Rachel Schlarman

Nuances of a Theme by Auden

Yesterday: fire-finished bras blazed freedom from
Mankind’s mandate. As coarse cotton t-shirts
Rubbed their nipples erect and raw, they
Rejoiced, thinking they defied vanity with

.                                                            so effort              less- up
Their nineteen-year old bosoms sitting
And bare beneath the boyish clothing that
Covered their nakedness.

Make Up For Ever Artist Intense
“Moulin Rouge”- nineteen dollars even-
Spreads across lips shaped like               O
As the stick streaks across most
Sensitive to sensation skin, I illuminate,
Believing it’s about art, individuality
And the proud pronouncement of sexuality
(mine, for myself, minus the shame for it)
While shamefully hoping he finds my new shade
“Spectacular, Spectacular!”

Tomorrow: To bear the birth and till the
Earth will somehow equal equality and
Silent reassurances whispered in
Mirror spaces will sound purely pure.
“But to-day the struggle.”

Rachel is studying German at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO. She is in the Army National Guard and grew up in Las Vegas. Rachel enjoys singing, playing competitive board games, and is a fantastic cook.


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