I’m really not sure how I’m going to write this post, because it’s hard to put it into words.

In short, I’m wrestling with the correct response to such generosity and graciousness from friends.

Since I’ve moved back to Warrensburg, I haven’t had any income. I got a job the first week, but it doesn’t start for another two weeks, and I’m sure my first paycheck won’t be until awhile after that.

In the meantime, I’m eating a lot of oatmeal and pb&j, and even more free meals from friends.

My friends have blessed me far beyond what I deserve.

Close friends have paid me to housesit.
Friends have paid me to babysit.
Friends have fed me.
A friend and my mom bought me wedding magazines.
Multiple friends have offered their homes to me, and I am living in one without rent.
Friends have offered to drive me to the city for my errands so I wouldn’t have to buy gas.
They’ve paid my way to conferences so I could attend.
They’ve paid me to do photoshop work for them.
A friend at the local coffee shop gives me my coffee for free.

And in addition to wonderful friends, I have been blessed by an incredibly supportive family (can’t say enough about my wonderful and generous parents) and a fiancé who helps me pay the bills.

So many of these things people are paying me for, I wish I could do for free. So many of the gifts so many people are giving to me, I wish I could pay back ]once I get paid.

But I know that they do it because they want to bless me and because they love me. I know that if I paid them back, it would nullify the gift.

So I’ll receive these gifts in my time of need, and look forward to days ahead when I can bless others as they have blessed me.

So, to those friends who have been immeasurably kind, thoughtful, and generous- and you know who you are-

Thank you for blessing me.


2 thoughts on “Receiving

  1. I’m glad you eventually got to the place of saying that one day, you’ll be the person blessing someone else. Because that’s really the point, no? We have such a hard time recognising that what is “ours”, is really God’s, and I think He helps some of us learn that by allowing us to need others to help us. Once you’ve had to accept the generosity of others, it’s so much easier to be generous yourself. Humility 101, Generosity 101, and Thanksfulness 101, all in the same lesson! Way to be efficient, God!

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