Holidays and Healthy Body…Image? Part II

So I’m one of the “average Americans” I mentioned in my last post that gains about 10 pounds every winter.

At this point I’ve just sort of accepted it, because I seem quite powerless to stop it- unless I’m willing to diet, which I’m not (especially around the holidays).

I figure at least I’m not gaining 10 pounds in summer, right?  I mean, you can’t even see my protruding belly under my sweaters anyway.

Besides, who decided we gain in winter? Why not see it as we lose in summer?

Okay, but despite all the excuses, I do participate in a particularly ugly strain of fat-talk every year around Christmas.

But I wish I didn’t. I’m not sure what really causes the disconnect between what I know (my looks don’t define me) and how I feel (guilty for gaining weight).

I have a 20 month old niece who I hope to be an example of healthy body image for. I would hate for her ever to think that her looks are what define her as a person.

What if all of us women lived like we had a teenage daughter following us around, imitating our every move? Would that stop our self-disparaging comments? Our fat talk? Our low self-esteem based off what we see in the mirror?

Sadly, too often it doesn’t.

And then we create grown women who behave…just like we do.

Happy Holidays. Healthy body image. Think about it.


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