Playin With Them Boys

The thing about being a female athlete is that the older you get, the harder it is to find other females to play with.

So, if you’re like me, you end up playing with guys most of the time….which is always interesting.

First, there are the different responses to a girl playing basketball:
– The guys I’ve played with since high school, who treat me like one of the guys
– The guys who, when they see I’ve joined the pickup game, suddenly have to go home and do laundry (for the first time ever)
– The guys who find a female athlete amusing, and don’t start defending me until I’ve scored on them a few times
– The guys who spend the entire game trying not to touch me or hurt me in any way (feminists call this benevolent sexism by the way)
– The guys who are on my team but refuse to pass me the ball except every 20 plays, resulting in my being so shocked they’re actually passing me the ball that I miss the pass, therefore making it even less likely that they will pass to me again
– The guys who give looks and make comments under their breath to each other, assuming I was born yesterday and won’t know what they’re talking about
– The guys who tease me at first, but see that I came to play and decide to treat me like a baller.

Then, there are the awkward moments. For instance, boxing out or posting up against guys I don’t know.  Yup. Aaawkward.

Or accidents that happen- like tonight when I meant to make a hard pass to my brother, but the ball hit my opponent full frontal below the waste  instead. Oops.

But despite the occasional judgmentalism, sexism, and awkwardness I’m just glad I get to play. A game or two of basketball beats running three miles any day- and I’m pretty sure it burns a lot more calories.



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