Days 38 & 39 – Relationships

Day 38

Last night Laura and I drove out to Jenni’s for a girl’s night. We had a pretty chill night that consisted mainly of cab and conversation- which was much needed after the day I had subbing at the High School.

At one point I stopped in to peer at a sleeping Ilah, and accidentally woke her up (oops). Jenni, being the gracious sister she is, allowed me to get her up when she didn’t stop crying after a few minutes:)

As I held her Ilah cried and looked around a little and then put her little head down on my shoulder and fell back asleep.

I don’t think there’s anything more adorable than a sleeping baby on your shoulder.

God’s grace yesterday was the joy of a sleeping Ilah on my shoulder.

Day 39

Today My friend, Sasha, drove up to visit.

I met Sasha my second year of grad school, so I’ve known her about four years, though it seems a lot longer. We always get asked if we’re sisters when we go out. We gently correct people and inform them we’re cousins.

There’s something about hanging with my Wheaton friends that takes me back to that time- which was both difficult and wonderful, fun and challenging. It will always hold a tender place in my heart because I met so many amazing people, grew so much into my true identity, and worked so hard both academically and emotionally.

God’s grace today was in spending time with someone who has seen me through both rough patches and good times- and been a friend in both.



2 thoughts on “Days 38 & 39 – Relationships

  1. A. You “accidentally” woke Ilah up? Right. No one believes that.

    B. What are you two eating in this picture?

    C. I’m glad you were my roommate in grad school. In spite of your squeaky dresser and your embarrassing ginormous poster of Rocky.

    1. A. I don’t even think I woke her up. I think she was awake when I tip-toed ever so silently into her room to watch her sleep….and she saw me and wanted me to hold her so bad she started crying. Yep, that’s how it happened.
      B. I think they were cucumbers
      C. Thank you. And that was an awesome poster.

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