Day 30 – A Gift

This morning I received a text from my brother-in-law, Tino. He wanted me to pick something up from AutoValue for him. I let him know I’d do so right after work.

So after work I drove to AutoValue and told them they were holding something for my brother-in-law under my name. They asked my name and then said, “Oh, the windshield wipers.”  Why wouldn’t Tino just buy them in Battle Creek where they live?

Then the man said, “They’re for a Ford Focus?”

Then the man said, “and they’re all paid for.”

I couldn’t keep a stupid smile from stretching wide across my face. Oh. That’s what he was doing.

You see, yesterday I had mentioned on Facebook that my two first purchases once I find a job will be windshield wipers and a book I’ve been wanting to buy. My friend Sandy was quick to point out what an exciting list this was. Whatever, I’ve always been practical- read: lame.

Tino had seen my facebook and the weather report for Charlevoix this week- which is extremely rainy.

What a sweetheart. What a wonderful surprise gift.

God’s grace today was in the reminder of what a thoughtful and caring brother-in-law I have in Tino.


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