Day 25 – Lessons from Mr. Miyagi

Today I subbed at the middle school (why yes, I do deserve a gold medal) and got to show The Karate Kid in one of my classes (okay, so maybe it wasn’t that rough).

There’s a scene where Mr. Miyagi tells Danielson that when you drive, you drive on the right or the left- you don’t drive in the middle or you’ll be killed. He’s teaching Daniel that you commit- you’re all in the fight or you don’t enter it at all. And later in the movie he teaches Daniel that the same lesson applies in life.

I think I’ve heard this somewhere (James 5:12 anyone?).

And Yoda had something similar to say (do or do not, there is no try).

It’s a principal I try to live by- when I make a commitment I try to follow through. I try to be all in or not in at all.

I’ve posted several times about boundaries (you can see these posts here, herehere, and here), and they come into play again with this principle. If we have to be all in or all out then it must be okay to be all out at times. It’s okay not to commit to everything, so that when we do commit, our commitment actually means something.

God’s grace today was the reminder that sometimes it is okay to say no.




2 thoughts on “Day 25 – Lessons from Mr. Miyagi

  1. “Exits are here, here, here, here….ANYWHERE! Please keep your hands and arms inside the carpet…”

    This was a good post. You’ll forgive me for being distracted with the Aladdin reference. 🙂 And because I always have to talk about me, I think that part of what’s so hard about being in DeKalb right now is that I’m not sure if I should be all in, or all out. I don’t want to be all in if I’m only here for another month or so. Being all in is a lot of work, and if I’m going to leave, I’d rather not have to say a bunch of hard goodbyes. I’m still reeling from doing that in Quito just a couple months back. But on the other hand, being all out means that things aren’t going to get better in the loneliness area until I leave, and I don’t know how long that might take. I feel like I’m driving in the middle of the road. I know it’s dangerous, but I’m afraid to go to the right or the left. Sigh.

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