Day 22 – Payback

One of my favorite memories with my oldest sister, Jenni, is when I was little and we were at Disney world. It was nighttime and the fireworks were starting, so my family started running to get to the SpectroMagic parade. I think the pace was a little fast for me (note: one of my nicknames as a child was ‘the poky puppy’) because I ended up face planting on the sidewalk and skinning my knees. My sister Jenni picked me up and gave me a piggy back ride the rest of the night.

When I was a kid (and to some extent, still today) I loved being sick. I think I loved being sick because (a) that was the only time I was allowed to drink pop and (b) that was when I got the most attention. I have many memories of my mom taking care of my sick little self- bringing me vernors (that she had shaken to make flat), feeding me toast, holding my hair back when I threw up, taking my temperature, etc.

Today, Jenni had a conference so I watched Ilah all day- literally 7am-8pm when I put her to bed.

I also did my best to take care of my mom who has been sick. I made her lunch and brought it to her in bed, and I made her dinner and took it to the chair she was reading in in the family room. It wasn’t much- especially compared to all the times she’s taken care of me- but I was glad I got to do it.

Today God’s grace was in the gift of serving people I love.


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