Day 15 – Coffee, Wine and the Conversations that accompany them

One of the cool aspects of living in the same town practically my whole life is that I have friends who have known me since I was a toddler. Today I got to hang out with two of them.

Jan has been the youth director at my church for as long as I remember. I have fond memories of her taking us to winter retreats at Spring Hill, buying us King size Symphony bars for our birthdays, and teaching us important lessons like including kids who were left out into our social circle. We met for coffee at Somonson’s this morning and discussed our weekends, our lives, our crossroads. It was good.

Danielle and I went to preschool together, played basketball together, raked leaf houses together (if you don’t know what this is, you missed out on an important aspect of childhood). Danielle and I have been friends so long that we can pretty much say anything to each other. Example: awhile back she needed a fanny pack for work (she’s a wedding planner). I told her that was an awful idea. A few weeks later I met someone who had a booty wrap (in case you’ve never seen one: Because I believe that friends don’t let friends wear fanny packs, I texted Danielle to check it out. She didn’t reply “thanks,” or “good try, but it wouldn’t work because it’s not formal enough”. No, she replied “That’s a terrible idea!” and I just laughed, because I appreciate her honesty and bluntness:)

Anyways, we met at the City Park Grill today and caught up on life over red wine and risotto. (She also told me her boyfriend refers to me as “Snowflake” because I’m such a freak about the winter. I think that’s fantastic.)

God’s grace today was in the richness of black coffee, the dregs of a good red wine, and the blessing of relationships that transcend time.


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