Day 9 – A Day at the Farm

My Aunt Peggy greets me with a kiss as I enter their beautiful farmhouse atop a hill in Northern Michigan. She offers a cup of coffee and I enter the living room to say hi to my Uncle Dwayne with a hug and a kiss. He suffered a stroke about 3 years ago, and though I miss the old Uncle Dwayne- he is every bit as spunky and full of love as he used to be.

My Aunt Peggy and I talked the morning away…and part of the afternoon as well. She made me an amazing coleslaw with blue cheese (have you ever heard of such a thing?) and meatloaf for lunch, and even finished it off with molasses chocolate chip cookies. Even though I’m an adult now (considering my age, not my employment status), there’s still something comforting about having my aunt take care of me for a day.

God’s grace to me today was in spending meaningful time with two people who I love and don’t see nearly often enough.



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