Day 8 – Friends

Sometimes I wonder if the U.S. might be on the brink of a friends shortage since I’m hogging all the good ones.

Seriously, I’m constantly amazed at how many stellar people bless me with their friendship.

I mean women (and some men) who are compassionate and strong and wise. Who balance work and kids and volunteering. Who are intentional about community, are world travelers,  are singers and poets and teachers and counselors. Who live in fabulous houses and who live in shabby apartments. Who live in South Korea, Chicago, Missouri, California, and just down the street. Who enjoy concerts or sports or gardening or even cleaning house.

Yes, I have so many wonderful friends who know not only how to talk, but also how to listen. Who understand that I am more than my looks or my insecurities or my successes (or lack thereof). People who are patient with my fears, gracious with my mistakes, and generous with their laughter.

Today God’s grace was in the form of phone calls, texts, and emails from several of my amazing friends.


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