Day 2 – Kayaking

This morning started out so rough that I fully regretting this whole “writing about God’s grace everyday” thing (I know, only day 2, didn’t take me long). I was sure I would get to the end of the day with nothing to write about. No grace for Krista today. Nope, I’m sure God’s busy keeping it all to himself.

That, or showering it on all you happily married and employed folks.

But God did show me grace today.

Today grace came in the form of a kayaking trip down the river with my dad and two of his friends.
Grace came in the cold, clear water
In the smell of pine and cedar
The large fish swimming under my kayak
The snowmobile bridge we paddled under that reminds me of the Northern wonderland that is my home
The ducks gliding over the river
The picnic lunch and sports conversation on the riverbank
The sound of someone using a wood chipper, which always reminds me of the movie Fargo
The beauty of a warm fall day on a quick cool river


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