Day 1 – Nature

There’s a tree outside my bedroom window that my twin sister and I always called the Witch Tree. I don’t even know what the real name of the tree is, but the branches are brilliantly gnarly and tangled.

I opened my eyes this morning and gazed past the Witch Tree outside my window, the stucco arches in the front courtyard, the big oak in the front lawn, and the pines that line the road, to see a red sunrise fading into a pink and pale blue sky.

I got dressed and took Sky for a run down Evergreen Point- a private association across from my house that I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be running through- under a canopy of red, orange, and yellow trees.

I grabbed a blanket and crunched through the leaves on our front lawn to do some reading in the warm October sun.

One agent of God’s grace to me in this time has been the chance to slow down and enjoy nature. It’s no secret that I love my homeland of Northern Michigan for its crisp, clear lakes; tall, vibrant trees; and abundant, beautiful snow in the wintertime.

Today I’m thankful for the ability to breathe in my beautiful and natural surroundings.

As a closing thought, I’ll leave you with this story that I read for my morning meditation today:

Andre Gide described the time when during a classroom lecture he observed a moth being reborn from its chrysalis. He was filled with wonder, awe, joy at this metamorphosis, the resurrection. Enthusiastically he showed it to his professor who replied with a note of disapproval, ‘What! Didn’t you know that a chrysalis is the envelope of a butterfly? Every burtterfly you see has come out of a chrysalis. It’s perfeclty natural.’ Disillusioned, Gide wrote,

‘Yes, indeed, I knew my natural history as well, perhaps better than he…But because it was natural, could he not see that it was marvelous?’

God’s grace today has given me the chance to see that His creation is marvelous.


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