40 Days of Grace

So it’s 1am and I’m laying awake in bed and praying once again for a dreamless sleep, and once again I think about how my anxiety reflects my recent (or maybe chronic) inability to trust God.

I think about how-
~Christ died for me
~Christ loves me as his Bride
~Christ has grace for every time I am hurt and every time I hurt others

Lately, it’s been painstakingly difficult to live like I believe these truths.

So I’ve decided to do 40 Days of Grace.

I will blog every day for 40 days about the unique way(s) I have experienced God’s grace that day. This will lead me up to November 20th, which is the beginning of the week of Thanksgiving.

I’m actually looking forward to this, because I know that I will always have something to write about, and I’m hoping it will shift my focus from incessant worry and sadness to increasing humility and gratefulness.




4 thoughts on “40 Days of Grace

  1. I like the plan. Maybe I’ll do something similar. Trust seems to be my big hang up recently, too. Looking forward to your posts!

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