“What -If” Movies

I’ve decided my new least favorite movie genre is “what-if” movies.

I define What-If Movies as those movies in which the main character gets a visit from someone who says something along the lines of “this is a glimpse of what your life would be if you hadn’t made X decision 20 years ago.” Then the movie goes on to take that person to this fake world of what could have been had he or she not made the choice he or she made.

And it always goes something like this: You made X decision and became a hard-nosed, heartless business person who makes lots of money but spends Christmas and every night of the year alone, but if you had just made Y decision, you’d have a happy life full of love and relationships with your kids, spouse, and good friends. You’d be poor, but relationally rich…

Examples of this type of movie are A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Family Man, etc.

These movies do not help me in making decisions for my future. No, instead they make me think, “well, if I do X, I might end up in this horrible scenario,” or “If I give up Y, maybe I’ll end up old and bitter and alone.”

No, they’re not helpful movies at all.

I know the truth it that whatever path I choose God will work out for good.

But those movies still freak me out.


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