Stuff I Like…and Stuff I Don’t

Stuff I Like:

Retractable Cords: I am a fairly organized person. Which means that having cords to my curling iron, straightener, and blow dryer all intertwined and in disarray on the shelf stresses me out. Retractable cords save room and add organization. Perfect.

Sippy Cups: These are just short of a miracle invention. So many times I’ve been watching my niece or nephew and all of a sudden I see them across the room about to drop their cup full of red baby juice on my parents’ beige carpet, I leap over the coffee table and spring to them just in time to miss it falling upside down on the carpet, have slight freak out moment, and then realize that sippy cups never leak! Thank you Mr. Sippy Cup Inventor for saving so many carpets.

GPS: My twin sister and I are notorious in my family for getting lost. Recently I was driving up to our cottage and my dad asked me if I knew how to get there. “Dad, please, I’ve been going there for over 25 years, of course I know how to get there.”… About midnight that night I called my dad to tell him I was lost… Obviously, GPS = Godsend for me.

Stuff I Don’t:

Smart Phones: I am one of very few people my age who doesn’t have a smartphone. I am of the opinion that we all spend too much time texting and emailing when we should be having conversations face to face… and I can’t afford a smart phone.

Auto-Belay Devices: So, I think auto-belays are pretty cool because that means you can go climbing without having a climbing partner, but I also think part of the fun of climbing is the community. Climbing in grad school was one of my favorite hangouts with friends, and when I moved to Missouri I met new friends- two young male professionals from Kansas City- at the climbing wall because I couldn’t climb without a belayer. They both eventually got girlfriends and stopped climbing with me, but it was fun while it lasted.

The Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated, A&F, Victoria’s Secret, and any organization that is even relatively cognizant of Porn: I’m sure you’re all quite acquainted with my views on this, but in case you’re not- such institutions only further objectification of women (who most likely are in the industry because of a history of abuse) and attitudes that men hold towards women that are disrespectful and offensive. They also reinforce for those women that their looks are all they have to offer.


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